Meditation on Day 16 of Counting the Omer

Two Weeks Two Days

Meditation on Day 16  Psalm 119:121-128

The greatest challenge in a life is maintaining hope.  These eight verses reveal the difficulty of living in the midst of an evil world.  Our eyes are easily like David’s in that they “fail from watching for our salvation and for [the fulfillment of] YHWH’s righteous promise.” The volume is so loud in this world, it takes everything in our power to take heed of the scriptures as a guide for our lives.  David had no where near the distractions we have today and we see his difficulty in holding tightly to YHWH’s Torah, but He refused to let go.


Psalm 119 carves out the patterns of life and conditions we are challenged with, but David walks and beats down the ‘rocky-ness’ on the path of being, ‘ a man after God’s own heart.’   A man after God’s own heart experiences difficulty but loves God’s commandments and applies them in his life.  A man after God’s own heart faces tremendous hardships and drags himself despite great pain toward honoring God’s commandments.  A man after God’s own heart experiences loneliness and anguish and still finds himself consistently rejecting the false ways and valuing YHWH’s Torah.

I am a man after YHWH’s own heart.

Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C. C.

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