The Counting of the Omer: Day 21 Had a Great Shabbat!




Day21  Psalm 161-168

(Shin) (the 21st letter in the Hebrew Alphabet)

161 Princes persecute me for no reason, but my heart stands in awe of your words.

162 I take joy in your promise, like someone who finds much booty (spoil or treasure).

163 I hate falsehood, I detest it; but I love your Torah.

164 I praise you seven times a day because of your righteous rulings.

165 Those who love your Torah have great peace; nothing makes them stumble.

166 I hope for your deliverance, Adonai; I obey your mitzvot (commandments)

167 My soul observes your instruction, and I love it so much!

168 I observe your precepts and instruction, for all my ways lie open before you.

We had a fantastic Shabbat today!  The segment of the celebration is used to bless our children, during this time Mrs. Maureen Messer encourages us and opens our eyes to our roles as parents to hold our children even tighter in teaching them today.  The first verse of the eight today informs us of who is coming against David when he is noting this psalm.  161 Princes persecute me for no reason, but my heart stands in awe of your words.   The term ‘prince,’ represent a principality that attempts to derail our path of blessings by over powering or intimidating us to bow to their ideas.  In 2 Corinthians 10:5 we identify who we are and are not fighting against.  The physical prince is not the issue it is the ‘principality,’ meaning the thought or belief the prince is attempting to invoke in your heart to make you believe and accuse you of in the area of sin or dishonorable behavior.   The poison of the improper morals and ethics being influenced throughout society is where parents should place their concerns when rearing children.  We have influence and we must use it everyday.  HaSatan (may his name be blotted out forever) is not slack on using his influence to steer your children every waking and sleeping moment.   David says in verse 167 “My soul observes your instruction, and I love it so much!  As much as David loves the instructions. albeit difficult at times, that are given to him by YHWH; likewise your children and grand children will love the instructions you  pour into them despite the appearance of disapproval in their expressions at the time.

Show your love by what you teach your legacy and it will sustain them for generations to come.


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