The Counting of the Omer: Day 30 “Closed Around Me”

DAy30The Counting of the Omer Day 30:  The Road to Transformation

“‘From the day after the day of rest — that is, from the day you bring the sheaf for waving — you are to count seven full weeks, 16 until the day after the seventh week; you are to count fifty days; and then you are to present a new grain offering to Adonai.” Leviticus 23: 15-16 (CJB)

The Counting of the Omer covers a fifty-day period of time from the Feast of First Fruits until Shavuot (Pentecost). Beginning with the day of First Fruits, each subsequent day is counted for seven complete weeks, plus one day – fifty days. During the Counting of the Omer, we “count up” to the Feast of Shavuot (the 50th Day) with each day of counting, adding to the growing expectation of what Pentecost will bring. During the Counting of the Omer, each day 8 verses from Psalm 119 is read and meditated upon,  causing us to review the condition of our hearts before God.

“Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to count the omer: Tonight will be the 30th night of the Omer, which is Four weeks, and two day.

Psalm 119:57-64


57 Adonai, I say that my task
is to observe your words.

58 I beg your favor with my whole heart;
show pity to me, in keeping with your promise.

59 I thought about my ways
and turned my feet toward your instruction.

60 I hurry, I don’t delay,
to observe your mitzvot.

61 Even when the cords of the wicked close around me,
I don’t forget your Torah.

62 At midnight I rise to give you thanks
because of your righteous rulings.

63 I am a friend of all who fear you,
of those who observe your precepts.

64 The earth, Adonai, is full of your grace;
teach me your laws.

61 Even when the cords of the wicked close around me,
I don’t forget your Torah.

Meditation Day 30 “Closed Around Me”

The term “closed around me,’ stood tall in my spirit when beginning the meditation on these 8 verses today of Psalm 119.  There is a tone of determination in the midst of opposition in these few verses today.  This is full of power if we can internalize this same strength our faith will escalate upwards.  Now, lets look back at the term “closed around me,” and give some defined elements as we see it today.  The elements of ‘closed around me,’ is fear, doubt, contradiction, opposition, confusion, philosophical readings, peer pressure, unwise associations, bosses, co-workers, family groupings etc.  We see a clear pattern of all things which attempt to move and shake us off of standing on Yahweh’s Torah principles.  The most important action David brings to a greater understanding is how we can stand against intense pressure successfully.  He said through all that attempts to close me in and surround me with pressure to decide or move without referencing what the Torah, God’s teaching and instructions, says before making a decision or moving one inch.

When the fear in yourself is met with win after win after win, this is true growth of faith.  The success comes when you stand on the faithfulness of our God.   Read that statement one more time, “the success comes when you stand on the faithfulness of our God.”  The faith may not be full or effective in you yet, but God’s faithfulness is proven time and time again.  Hold on to His faithfulness, His words, His promises, all that will not return void.  Remember to quickly reach for His word in your situation no matter what it is.  When fear overtakes you, your dependency upon God’s faithfulness is required to  successfully address the surrounding  situation.  In the 62nd verse of today’s set reads, “At midnight I rise to give you thanks because of your righteous rulings,” this is powerful in that David admits fear attempted to rise up while he lay asleep at night, and he does not allow it to fester; but instead jumps up to hurry [v.60] to remind his spirit of God’s words, rulings and principles.  In all of our getting we are to get an understanding.  We cannot be ignorant of HaSatan’s devices that he constantly “closes around us.”

Loving you enough to share the truth,

Prophetess C.C.

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